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About Us


To improve and build the lives of all sections of the rural public especially the less fortunate and girl children through Education, Medical and Social activities


Reach out to the rural Rejerla and surrounding villages through Education and helping the needy especially women and destitute with Medical and Monetary resources.


Life’s calling is strange. Most of the Holy Scriptures profess that each one of us is born for a reason. And only few of us actually realize and hear that call. The cornerstone of Vineyard is that call. Over the years I have been associated with multinational companies, being on challenging assignments have taken me places. It was during one such mission that I found my life’s calling. It was simple yet the work unthinkable- to serve humanity especially rural India. I decided this only after witnessing rural poverty and stagnation.

It happened on one fateful day when I had been sent on one such assignment to a village Rejerla to purchase construction stones for a newly built hospital. It was there I found the ugly reality of poverty where a man was on his death bed for want of just Rs.30/- to buy medicines for jaundice, and another woman dragging her cot on a journey to another settlement to find her food and water because of drought in her village.  The year was 2003- Where India was shining, building infrastructures and developing urban areas with information technology.

This episode left an imprint on my life and that very day, I could reach out and make a difference in those two lives.  Thus began my exodus from a well paid job and to what I call the genesis of this burning desire to make not only a difference in those two lives but also to do something meaningful in the lives of many rural Indians.  It was never tough for me since the moment I mentioned that I have my life’s dream was to come to live in Rejerla, Sylvia, my wife said “Let’s Go!” not even seeing how Rejerla looked like, knowing that this is the remotest place to live away from hospitals, grocery stores and away from any basic supplies, knowing that electricity will not be present during many days and nights. My parents blessed me and said we are there to support you. Thus on November 11, 2003 Vineyard India Compassion Trust was founded in the small village of Rejerla, Sattupalli Mandal, Khammam District.

Along my grandmother Dr. Rose Victor, 92 years and wife Sylvia Jaideep and my son Randy Jonathan, we moved to start our new settlement in Rejerla.  In the early days, my grandmother treated village patients in our single room rented house where we lived. My grandmother, parents and sisters and my savings from my earlier job were the only initial contributors to sustain my vision and the organisation.

My family and myself are convinced that education can alone build and improve the lives of the rural people.  Our experience over the last several years has shown us that no amount of intervention in the life of a child can have lasting effects as long as the child’s surroundings remain unchanged. Vineyard dreams of building a hospital to serve the villages because we see a need for clean medical facilities to avoid infant mortality, safe and affordable procedures to rural women. And so we walk during this untiring, selfless giving yet rewarding exodus.

Both my wife and I remain unchanged. But when the immediate environment of a needy child like the family, ambience and community issues are addressed, you are helping to change the context in which the child is brought up.  This gave birth to start New Song Community School for all sections of the rural children in Rejerla and surrounding villages in the year June 2004, our another growing venture.